Repurpose. Reuse. Re-love. We believe in the importance of sustainable fashion and the impact repurposing clothing has on our environment. What started as an idea at the dining room table (over a few glasses of wine) has evolved into, what we like to think, is the ultimate girls dance resale program. 

We take your gently used dance wear, clean / patch / perk up the pieces if necessary, then sell them in our online boutique. You get store credit for each sellable item you donate to us to use towards a switcheroo  - a new-to-you item from our store! 

As part of Sophie's ongoing philanthropy mission started by her dance studios, BUNHEAD SWITCHEROO will donate both profits and dancewear that does not sell to Traveling Tutus. Traveling Tutus is an incredible organization that has sent dancewear to thousands of children in orphanages, children's homes, title one schools, foster care, hospitals, and other youth focused non-profits. They have reached 29 different countries since 2008 with the goal of spreading the joy of dance to everyone.

Questions? Donations? We'd love to hear from you!

Email us: hello@bunheadswitcheroo.com


Sophie, Sara, and Francesca